Saturday, 20 January 2007

More from Singapore!

Had a great few days in Singapore, which is an amazing place. For the most part it is a very clean and busy city. There are fines for everything, from eating on trains to carrying a very smelly fruit called the Durian! We took a bus and a boat tour around the sights and spent the day at a man made beach on the Island of Sentosa.

Our hostel is in Little India, which is like India. Only little. The streets are filled with traders and it smells strongly of spices. It's interesting!

We went along to Calvary Singapore on Sunday morning where the people were very welcoming. After the service we had juice and rice cakes with relish! We plan to head to Raffles hotel later today then take a picnic to The Botanic Gardens.

We've posted some of our photos below but you can also check out the rest of our photos by clicking on our gallery on the right hand side of the page.

The Inn Crowd Hostel

The Inn-Crowd, our hostel!

Little India

Little India

Boat tour

The Merlion is Singapore's emblem. It is my favourite animal after the Liger!

boat tour
Downtown Singapore from the Bumboat tour (Yes, a Bumboat!)



Indulging in some local delicacy! Thanks to Beth and Al!

La Pau Sat Hawker Centre

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre. Built from cast iron shipped to Singapore from Glasgow!
A hawker centre is filled with loads of vendors selling bizarre foods such as pigs brains and fish eyes! We had chicken fried rice!


David Simpson said...

Looks like you're having a great time and awesome photos! Looking forward to the nest installment.

Grievesie & Emma said...

Some quality Photos! Good to see you got your starbucks fix. Hope everythin is good over there enjoy all the new experiences.

P.S We had the offer accepted for that house. Just need to find some money to pay for it now lol.

Take care Grievesie & Emma xx

Mum & Dad Ferrie said...

Hi There
Photos are great, like the arty one of Pamela in starbucks.Dad says Bellshill got beat on penalties in the cup. Looking forward to joining you in Australia via the photos.
God Bless

Paul Jill and Toby said...

Hey you guys (said chunk) the pics are great and the blog is keeping us close, i would love to have stayed in that room in singapore (help)!!!!!

We all miss you both and can't wait for more updates and pics

Mojitos on a warm beach, ,must be a chore for you!!!!!

Love ya Paul Jill and Toby xxxx

Lathrop said...

Nice Muff Ryan!!

Sorry Buff!