Thursday, 18 January 2007

One more step...

"If I take one more step, it'll be the furthest I've ever been from home."
Sam, Lord of the Rings
"We're really doing it this time, Harry!"
Lloyd, Dumb and Dumber
Welcome to the first ever post on Ryan and Pamela's travel blog! We arrived in Singapore safely after a long but enjoyable flight. The highlight of the flight may have been the tasty chicken dinner or the fact that Irene from Home and Away was sitting a few seats away from us! In the last year she has been involved in a hurricane, a flood, a murder investigation and two hostage situations. The flight however, passed without incident!
We are making our way to the Inn Crowd Hostel where we will be staying for four nights while we take in the sights. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped make this trip possible. Loads of people were extremely generous and we are very grateful. Thank you for helping us take "one more step."
Please check back often as we will soon add some photos. Keep in touch by clicking comment or send us an email! We are missing everyone already!
With love,
Ryan and Pamela
The road goes ever on and on...


Mum & Dad Ferrie said...

Hi There,great to hear your flight went well, we were pleasantly surprised to see your first posting on the Blog so quickly.
Looking forward to seeing some Pics. We had Heavy snow in some areas last night.Remember no more than 2 Singapore Slings each.

Rufioooooooo said...

Hey!!! Glad you arrived safely in Singapore! That is so excitin you were near Irene...i wouldve been star struck haha! Take care and enjoy!!! Love u both!! xxxx

Mutchies said...

Hi Hobbits,

I hope that you are well rested after the first leg of your adventure. Frodo, I do hope you still have possession of the ring. Your journey has but just begun. We will talk again soon. God be with you.

Debs said...

Hey you two travel monkeys, glad to hear you have landed safely in Singapore. Everyday I arrive at work n think about the fun you must be having n the beautiful weather you must be experiencing. Have a great time n remember to wear posh clothes when you go visit the Raffles hotel.
luv Debs xxx

The Macs said...

There once was a couple called Ferrie
Who watched the world on the telly
Till one day they were sent
and thought it was meant
For them to go see for themselly

Glad to hear all is well

bro said...

Hey you two, great to hear you got there safe and sound. Its baltic here so enjoy the heat. Keep the posts up and wee miss you both, Paul Jill and Tobelerone x

The Vermilions said...

Hi Uncle Ryan and Auntie Pamela! We miss you and hope you have a good trip. we love you lots!

P.s. Mummy said she got your text and she hopes you got hers. We will be checking in and out and can't wait to see your pics.

Ace said...

Ryte sir :) is that u of then 2 teach ur english 2 the world lol they wont b learnin much then ko lol a finished ma father n son essay 2day well half of it but thats all shes gettin n Mrs qwins away n left us sir am no kiddin we have had suply teachers for the past 3 days n there crap at english n our prelims nxt week :-o even though ur no the best at it a hink u nd tay come bak ! N tell ur bird a said hey :)

Patricia said...

Hey Ryan and Pamela, How fun! You are always welcome in Toronto. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure. :)

Gwen and Norman said...

Wow !!! We can't believe that you are already on your way, it seems like you were planning for a while and now the time is here.We will be checking in on you from time to time and hoping that you will be able to come see us in Bermuda when you get near us.
We are praying for you.
Love you both xxx

Sherry S. said...

Hi guys, so good to hear from you, thanks for including us in your adventure. We sure hope that you will come visit us in SLO while you are in Calif! You can't be so close and not come see us!
Bryan is surfing in Costa Rica right now!
Much Love,

Rhuri the Dwarf said...

Hello wandering hobbits from the dwarven Clan Campbell!

Being a well travelled dwarven adventurer myself it does my heart good to see young hobbits having their own adventures. Sadly my hair is now grey, my adventures are behind me and I have my own dwarfling to look after.
Hope you have a great time. Glad things are going well so far! You shall be in my thoughts and prayers.
Looking forward to following your journey. Now roll a 3 or higher to see if you get to move on....

God bless

Chan said...

Hi Guys,

Glad to see you got to Singapore safely! I see that you have found the life blood (Starbucks) Next you have to find the necessity of life a Subway! Enjoy every minute and keep the pictures comin! So jealous :o) Awesome site. x

Vicky said...

Hi Guys.
Great to see your photos and hear that you are having a fantastic time. Thanks for the Christmas Card and letter from Pam. Sorry didn't get in contact before you went but been thinking about you.
Can't think of any interesting news from the south but will let you know if there is.
God Bless.

aldo said...

here sir am no a happybunny av failed ma exams coz ehh that miss quinn she done the juke fir two weeks and no she back after av failed how good is that :@ :@ cookie is not happy either :) lol hope your haveing abetter time than us wb aldo quis seperabit bye love(H)

aldo said...

here sir am no a happybunny av failed ma exams coz ehh that miss quinn she done the juke fir two weeks and no she back after av failed how good is that :@ :@ cookie is not happy either :) lol hope your haveing abetter time than us wb aldo quis seperabit bye love(H)

Daniel Son said...

hey mr ferrie! just thoutgh ad make ur day and let u know how ma english prelim went. well al tell you now that it was murder! :( the close reading wasnt that hard tho because it was all about George Best!!! but when it came to the critical essay part it was a nightmare... the questions didnt fit in wif ny of the essays a had origonally planned and revised and a only managed to write 3 pages for each essay. i did the poem sparrow and street car named desire but a had forgot what was the key scenes in it lol. A fink am gonna have to fly out there and meet up with you for some extra tutoring help... wat u hink? aw well a hope you are having fun because am certainly not wif these prelims. my mum said thank you for visiting our realies hope you got on with them alright! weve managed to book ourselves up for Portugal with Paul, Jill & Toby in October when your travles will nuthin but a memory. also my dad got ur text although he was in london. talk to you soon... Daniel

emma-jane amy n ross said...

hey sir..=) hope yir havin fun..:P Amy n Ros n Emma-Jane here..:P from english n u did sleep hollow wiff us..:) we wish yeh wir here the now coz u wer the greatest..:D:D n if u hud stayed then u might huv been able tooh fix oor english..:D:D ko were alright spellers..:D byee xx

Pulp said...

S'up homies..this comment comes all the way from sunny oban.. I can see you's are having fun "tanning for jesus" i'm sure he'd be proud of you's haha!! Your trip so far looks awesome i have to say i'm slightly jealous!! Oban is so cold i have to sleep with 2 duvets and a shawl!!! But i'm having fun my youth alpha is just grand and we're starting a youth church!! Hold me back.. Enjoy wherever if you crazy kids are next.. this website is now saved in my favourite along with hear'say and sclub haha.. i hope you's feel priveledge!! Take care and much love Leigh-Anne Xxx

Rhuri the Dwarf said...

Hi Hobbits

Your photos are amazing! It looks extremely hot out there. It has been snowing here.. you remember.. cold white stuff.. comes from the sky.
What does widgity grub taste like? I imagine it to be like the biggest Hubba Bubba in the world

God bless