Sunday, 21 January 2007


Here are the last of our adventures in Singapore! It's a cool place with lots to do but five days has been just about enough and we're now looking forward to getting to Australia.
Some of the highlights from the last few days not making it to film have been: The Night Safari! a moonlit safari where you slowly drive past lions, zebras, hippos, rhinos, tigers, tapirs and some weird animals that we can't spell! Being a night safari it was difficult to get good photos and the zoo didn't allow flash photography. This didn't stop a lot of annoying people still using their flashes! Unfortunately none of them were devoured by any startled lions.

We have also visited the 7/11 shop next door for Big Gulps and watched the Arsenal v Man Utd game in a bar. Pamela loved it!

Here's the pics:

Raffles Hotel

The famous Raffles Hotel. Very 'British' and posh. We weren't allowed into one section because they were serving high tea! We did get into the Long Bar for cocktails though!

At the Long Bar in Raffles

Singapore Sling! Actually very tasty! The last tiger to be shot in Singapore was shot near here! It wandered in of the street one day and had to be killed. A tiger walked into a bar...


Monkey Nuts! A Raffles tradition to throw your shells on the floor.

Near death experience at Raffles!

As we strolled through the Raffles courtyard this coconut fell from a tree narrowly missing Ryan. Pamela was very upset by this incident. "If that had hit you we'd have got a free night in the hotel!" she cried sympathetically.

Dinner at Marine Parade Hawker Centre

Lunch at a hawker's centre. Roughly 1 pound each- worth every penny!

Little India

Little India. Full of little Indians.

Sentosa Island

The man made beach on the man made Sentosa Island! These Singaporeans are resourceful! It looks a bit couldy but it was crazy hot!

Lunch at Coastes

So hot we had lunch in the shade of the decking at Coastes restaurant!

Tasting Mojitos in Sentosa

I'll have some Mojitos!

Cable car from Sentosa

The cable car ride from Sentosa Island.

Sentosa's Magical Fountain Show

The Magical Fountain Show on Sentosa.

Durain Tasting

Eating the incredibly smelly Durian fruit. It looks strangely like chicken and tastes like onion! It's very popular for some reason. We couldn't get rid of the taste for hours. These fruits are banned from trains because they are so smelly!

Ryan turning into Dunky

As we pack up and move onto Australia we would like to leave you with this invaluable piece of travel safety advice. By intertwining the toggles of your backpack, would-be intruders are delayed by about 4 secs. In backpacking circles this is known as 'The Dunky Knot'.

After Darwin we get the train down to Alice Springs and the Uluru camping trip! So we may not get a chance to post much until after we get to Adelaide. Feel free to order some of the books we are reading and help Amazon contribute to our trip fund!!


Lindsay-May said...

Hey!!! Love that piece of travel advice, il keep that in mind! The blog is brilliant! I can actully hear yous saying the things, its funny! Hope yous are having an awesome time! :D Love yous xxx

Macgyver said...

The Merlion, Genius! and so is whoever came up with that nugget of travel advice! Take care guys, watch out for the scorpiroos and koallabies in the outback ;-)

Rufioooooooo said...

Hey hey hey!!! Sounds like you are having an awesome time, looks amazing!!! The safari sounds great! Take care and hope to hear about the next episode of the journey....
Love ya!!! xxxxx

Mrs. MacGyver said...

Hello! Mmmmmm singapore slings there good! Bet they taste better in singapore though!! Hope you had fun in singapore, looks like you did. Hope Oz is going just as well and there is no wee killer spiders lurking in the loos!!(Ill be praying that there isn't!) Really missing you pamela...oh and you to ryan! lol! Take care! Luvya loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sofia said...

hi sir!

i'm glad you're enjoying your big trip! our eng prelim is tomorow, i'm so nervous, i'm not gonna have time enough to write everything =S wish me luck =S

beijinhos, sofia

Gwen and Norman said...

Hey guys
Have enjoyed reading about your adventures and can hardly wait for the next chapter.Enjoy every moment , these are memories that will last a lifetime.
Love you

ros, braidy heid bummer said...

A message from braidy follows- you do realise that you have missed Escape from Kraznir with first year! Bet that puts your singapore sling in the shade! Seriously, great to see you and pamela having such a great time. long may it continue. Love from the shire, ros,braidy heid bummer

Michelle Mac said...

Hi Guys, Its been great keeping up with your adventures. Looks and sounds like your having a great time. Missing you guys! By the way I got the job! Remember no swimming with the sharks!! :)
Michelle xxx

Liam & Jacqueline said...
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Liam & Jacqueline said...

Hmmm, the Dunky Knot.....I'm still convinced I could undo it with anyone noticing.

These pesky blog pages...made me delete my last comment by mistake!!


Ian L said...

Hello from from Milton Keynes, It good to see and hear your enjoying your trip. I can't get to see the foto's at my work here but I will have gander when I get back home. I will only get home if I take Krispy kremes with me (for Ruthy.We are missing you Ryan at the edge of the park (sub bench) miss your patter. miss you too Pammy. Got to go some of us have to work and keep the world going. TC Ian L

Anonymous said...

HEY!!!!!!! I check up on you two every so often and it looks like you are having SO much fun!! I hope one day I will be able to do something you guys are going to have like 50 albums of pictures LOL! Hope you are both still having fun and stay safe :D

love Rebecca (WARD lol)