Thursday, 18 January 2007


Singapore from the plane. A bit cloudy but very warm.

Ryan cooking his fried egg for breakfast!

The hostel is good. It's clean and the people are friendly. We even have a small ensuite! No beasties so far! Breakfast is free although you need to wash up after you! We couldn't find milk for our tea but a kind American offered us her chocolate milk! It was pretty good actually! Off on a bus tour of the city- lots of photos to take!


Mr McAlpine said...

singapore eh? not as good as having 6 classes in a row in bo'ness academy on a friday let me tell you.
glad you arrived safe. you missed football training last night, it was so much fun running around in freezing temperatures and sleet!

David Simpson said...

Hope you are both not too jet-lagged for your sightseeing. Was Irene (Home & Away) impressed to see you? I hear she's been telling everyone in Summer Bay that Ryan and Pamela were on her flight. Looking forward to your next updates and photos.

Grant said...

Hey, hey, hey. I'm still at work and its after 4 on a Friday, I have the flu and have got to come back here on Monday morning so its really great to hear your having such fun!!! Ha, Ha, only kidding!! Enjoy your experience and make sure you try the fried rice with fish eyes...YUM, YUM.

The Gunns said...

hello... nice photo... glad you got there safely. Fried egg for breakfast, mmmm... yum yum. Hope you both have fun.

The Ramages said...

So great to read about the adventure to date. Modern technology is awesome, one click of a button and we're the other side of the world, or are we? Where on earth is the 'tinternet'? Enjoy !
The Ramages

Michelle Mac said...

Hi Guys, Think you should have tried out the local food a bit more lol No chance!!! Sounds as if your having a great time. Singapore startbucks soooo jealous!
Lookingt forward to the next installment.