Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Loads of Photos!

Our last few nights in Adelaide were extremely comfortable thanks to Lindsay and Sandra (Rhona Swan's relatives) who were kind enough to feed us and put us up for a couple of nights. We hired a little car to travel from Adelaide to Melbourne and set off on Friday to explore the Limestone Coast and the Great Ocean Road. After this long but amazing drive we arrived at our friends house (Will and Lesley) in a little place called Gisborne, near Melbourne, to enjoy more home comforts!

The last few weeks have been amazing and we feel like we have done so much already. Only five months to go! Below are some more photos of the last few weeks from Alice Springs right through to our first few days in Melbourne:

Alice Springs

This cosy little van was our home for two nights in Alice Springs!

The plasma TV and jacuzzi are obviously just out of shot!
The Rock Tour
After an early pick up our first stop was at Stuart's Well for some camel riding.
Our first kangaroo.
A real dingo and a dead teddy bear.
Who's gonna ride these wild horses?

While stopping for some firewood we had a look for some wichiti grubs. We found this bad boy and to decide who would eat the little fellow we tossed a coin.

Irish Tom won (or lost!) and had to eat the grub. He informed us that it tasted like mild cheese. Lovely.

Our tour guide Ash cooked some tasty food while we watched the sunset.

Sunset at Uluru.

The bird in the foreground is in midflight- This will be getting entered into the next Blue Peter nature photograph competition.

Stories by the campfire.

The flies were out in force at sunrise- Paul's T-Shirt has been to Australia and he hasn't!

The view from Kata Tjuta- another sacred Aboriginal site.

Our friends from the good Korea are introduced to HP brown sauce. They like it.
Pamela with Keeva and Keithy with no Teethy!
Final night dinner with the whole group from the Rock Tour.
Adelaide and Glenelg Beach

Glenelg- a lovely little town with a nice beach and some cool shops.

Sunset at Glenelg Beach.

Starbucks and Nando's next door to each other!

Lindsay and Sandra with family (Rhona's Relatives)

Barossa Valley Wine Tour

While staying at Adelaide we went on a wine tour of the Barossa Valley- home of Jacob's Creek.

Pamela swirling and sniffing some red wine.

On the fork- our second Kangaroo!

The Great Ocean Road

London Arch- formally London bridge before it collapsed stranding a couple of tourists a few years ago!

Some cockatoos resting on the balcony at our hostel in Lorne.

We took this photo then later found out it was the lighthouse from the Australian kids TV show 'Round the Twist'.

We were stunned to find The King touring the Great Ocean Road! A seagull has just stolen his mic or maybe it was a huge cheeseburger!

A rock formation known as 'The Razorback'.

Penguin tracks on the beach. Yes, penguins!

The Twelve Apostles.

After watching about 500 Koreans do this Ryan thought he would join in.

Ryan in the buff.

Dinner at Port Fairy. Possibly the most scenic fish supper in history.

Old Melbourne Gaol- where the legendary Ned Kelly was executed.
Inside the Gaol. (For those taught by Ryan and a few others- Gaol is an old way of spelling jail!)
Although cramped and cold, the cells had a surprisingly sophisticated sound system!

Ryan Ferrie and Ned Kelly.
Historians are still unsure how Kelly survived in the Outback wearing flip flops.

Ryan decides that this cell is a vast improvement on some of the hostels we've had to stay in!

Dougal the Wonder Dog
Anyone who knows the terror which even the smallest of animal can inflict on Pamela will be stunned by the news that she has become firm friends with this small, Scrappy Doo look-a-like.
Join us soon for the next episode of Home and Away with the Ferries!


Michelle Mac said...

Awesome photo's definately wish I was there. Definately feels like you have been gone for ages now, there's the feeling that something is missing when I go to Starbucks at the Fort. Glad your having a blast. Australia looks fab.
Be Safe


The Ramages said...

Hi Guys
It's wonderful hearing all about your great adventures and seeing all of your fantastic photos, it means you don't feel that far away. The blog is a wonderful way to keep us up to date with your travels. You really should consider writing a book about your travels. Take good care of one another. We are missing you lots.
Love from
The Ramages

lee/maxi said...

Hey sir, good to see that you and Pamela are having such an awesome time, some of the pictures of the sights you have seem look great. English just aint the same without you, Class is boring and i have atucally feel asleep in class, only plus point is Miss Quinn doesnt know about me Bunking off to Motherwell games. Anyway the prelim went well and i can only thank you for preparing us well for it.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and i shall visit this more often


Grant said...

Hey Ryan and Pam,

It all looks so great. We have some similar photos of the 12 apostles and the London Arch except our hair is blowing all over our face and it was freezing!!You should go to all the outlet surf shops (i can't remember exactly where they are but it's near Jan Juc!!)

Glad you're having such a great time. Look forward to seeing your next instalment of photos!! I have banned Grant from coming on here as each time he is determined to sell our house and go tour the world!!!

love Vicki xxxxxxxxx

Joanne Ferrie said...

Hello you two

I finally managed to figure out how to work this blog thing. I know its easy but everytime i tried to go on i won a laptop!!! so i left it for a few days then tried again.

anyway, so so glad to see you two looking so happy and enjoying yourself. the pictures look amazing and you have done so much already. keep living and loving every moment!!

i'm loving your wee house, its so warm and homely only problem is that i have turned into Monica from friends and developed a severe case of OCD!!!!

hope to hear from you soon. Take care of each other.

Anonymous said...

G'day mates, hope this message finds you well and in good heart. What an amazing time you're having! Your photos are incredible and really capture the beauty of the country.Its fun to see some familiar spots but you guys have done so much and i can see we missed out on tons too.
Thanks so so much for our birthday cards- you are amazing to remember and be so organised. Much appreciated thank you!
We have loved hearing your news and will return soon.
Lots of love Anna and Jonny x

Mrs Macgyver said...

Hey Guys!

The pictures are fab, really wish i was there with you! I'm glad you're having so much fun!

Pammy i am so proud of you, i told you dogs were the bestest! Can't believe you actually held him and with a smile on your face!! Dougal is so very cute i think you should have tried to smuggle him home for me in your rucksack! Iain definately coundn't send him back then!!!

Keep having fun, stay safe!

Missing you loads, Luvya loads, big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Like you i am really excited too.
My factory told me today that we are all moving to india, i am sooo excited as i have never been to india and am so looking forward to it , on my current salary i will be able to live like a majoraja or similar. hope you are well

lizmc said...

hi you two, have enjoyed reading your reports - 'Ferrie' interesting! Well, you're not the only adventurers- the Calvary Clodhoppers are off to Melrose on Monday for 5 days of walking, climbing,?sunshine, blisters - and, hopefully lots of laughs (maybe a little rain).will update you on our return (if we meet a mapreader!!) toodle-oo-thenoo