Friday, 16 February 2007


We've been in Sydney for almost a week now. It's much bigger and busier than Melbourne and the scenery and landmarks are far more impressive. Not that that we didn't enjoy Melbourne! The Bridge and the Opera House are amazing and the atmosphere around the different quays at night is great. The hostel here has probably been the best so far, with it's own pool, sauna, some tasty make your own pizza nights and movie nights with free popcorn!
Palm Beach is about an hour north of Sydney and the lovely beach there may look familiar!

Yes! It's Summer Bay- where they film Home and Away. You might make out Alf Stewart's name on the bottom right of this sign! There were no stars on show though as they were all at Leah's wedding (or the actress who plays Leah!) in the city. Our invite was clearly lost in the post.

Ryan body boarding (drowning). Pamela stayed out of the water to avoid the blue bottle jellyfish that were everywhere! The crying jellyfish victim at the lifeguard tent confirmed her choice!

Summer Bay!

On Sunday we went to Hillsongs church, it was rather impressive. The service was really good and the whole building, inside and out, was amazing. The whole set up was very professional but it still had a very intimate atmosphere. One of the highlights had to be the bacon rolls after morning church and hotdogs after the evening celebration! Darlene Zschech led worship at the evening service- which was just like listening to one of the CD's.

Big screen advert for their next live album recording.

Sydney Aquarium- the blurry shape in the background is a giant turtle that jams it's shell between rocks so that it doesn't float around while asleep!

Scary teeth- look at the sharks too!

Snorkeling is becoming less appealing by the minute!

A platypus. Half mammal, half fish, half duck. That's an animal and a half!

We found Nemo!

Some Photos from our boat trip around the harbour:

A photo of our bridgeclimb photo! Cool suits eh?!

The Opera House just before sunset:

The view from inside the Opera House.

Inside the main theatre in the Opera House.

A bit blurry but still very pretty!

mmm.... doughnuts!

Bondi Beach.

Heading up the coast today... first stop Byron Bay.


Daniel Son said...

Hi Ryan. I have some exciting news. i managed to pass my english prelim by gettin a C. yasss!!! all of our hard tutoring seesions have paid off. I found the essays harder than the close reading tho my marks showed otherwise. i did better in the critical essays that the close reading lol. my overall mark was 53 out of 100 which was a scrape pass, i think. after my teacher trying to drop me into int 2 she told me today that if i set my mind to it a got my head down i could easily get a B or even an A.
Well i better get studying, bye.

sofia costa said...

hi sir and sir's wife! it seems to me that you're enjoying your travel too much, we're still here, in this tiny tiny village, still getting the results of our prelims! and guess what... i passed with a 73%. its not very good, but its not very bad either...
i hope you keep enjoying your trip! sofia from int2 class.

ps: our class was split up, and now some of us are getting a new teacher. the third one this year! not bad, eheh! ***

Anonymous said...

Just checked this out and good to see you are enjoying Sydney...and everything else for that matter! It truely is a spectacular place. And well done on making it to Palm Beach, its awesome lol. My personal highlight was the Blue Mountains, if you do get a chance visit there, its breathtaking. Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

Anonymous said...

And that anonymous post was by me...oops. Its Heather Gebbie haha. Looks like I'm a computer illiterate. haha!!!

Moxi said...

Well hello there! I love your blog.. Feel free to stop by Costa Rica as you travel. :-)

bro said...

Hey guys, your trip still sounding amazing. Dad said you said the other that you only had 3 weeks left in Oz!!! I have never had a single holiday that long never mind that time left anywhere!!! Missing you both loads(toby said he really misses you both and also agoo!!) Can you re-send the email you said you had sent. God Bless xxxx Paul Jill and Toby

Beulah said...

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