Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Melbourne- Panning for Gold and meeting Harold!

Thanks to Lesley and Will (and the animals!) for a lovely relaxing week in Gisborne.

Will and Dougal

Lesley and Bump (baby Douglas!)

While we were staying in Gisborne we spent the day at a local attraction called Sovereign Hill, in Ballarat.

Sovereign Hill is a recreated 1850s goldfields township with a couple of hundred residents (actors) who wear period costume and serve you in the saloon, help you pan for gold and show you how gold is mined and purified. It's a very cool place.

We took a stagecoach ride around town.

We panned for gold in the stream and actually found some little specks of gold. Not enough to cover the entrance fee though! We were also slightly suspicious that some bloke was putting the gold in at the top of the river!

We spent a few nights at a hostel in the city just around the corner from Federation Square, in the middle of Melbourne. Melbourne is a very busy city with loads of museums, galleries, parks, gardens, bars and restaurants and it has an amazing tram network that allows you to get around really easily.

Retro computer games in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Those sad males in their mid twenties upwards may recognise The Hobbit and Way of the Exploding Fist, two classic games that appeared on the Spectrum and were made in Melbourne! Horace goes Skiing was also on display. For those youngsters who don't know what Horace goes Skiing is- it's very similar to Grand Theft Auto but with better graphics.

We found this photo in the immigration museum- Mrs Ferry who immigrated from Ireland to Australia during the potato famine. Wrong spelling but I can see a family resemblance!

Moonlight cinema- loads of people in the Botanic Gardens watching an inflatable screen! Nice hotdogs and very comfy bean beds- we plan to launch this in Strathy Park upon our return!

St Kilda Festival. St Kilda is a beach area just out of town and on Sunday it was home to about 400,000 people. There were street performers, bands, and loads of other activities.

These guys were wakeboarding (we think)- instead of a speed boat they were pulled by a winch along the pool!

Our last day in Melbourne was Neighbours Day! We took the Ramsay Street tour and at night we went to meet the stars at a Neighbours night in St Kilda.

Erinsborough High- This school is where they film the exterior shots but it's not actually called Erinsborough High. Erinsborough isn't actually the real name of the town- apparently it's an anagram of neighbours with a few extra letters!

Paul Robinson's house.

Susan Kennedy's.

Ramsay Street- it was a lot smaller than we'd imagined. The people who live there are handsomely compensated for the intrusion but they need to sign a contract to say they won't change their gardens! Sounds good to me!

Dr Karl Kennedy

Some new bloke called Fraser- we think he came into it just as we left. Thought we'd get his picture anyway!

The legendary Harold Bishop. (or is it Tam McAlpine?!)

Stef Scully/Hoyland

Dr Kennedy and his band Waiting Room! They were actually pretty good.

Melbourne was great and we really enjoyed our time here. Next stop Sydney...


Mum & Dad Ferrie said...

Hi Ryan & Pamela
Aunt Ina here, I Think you are really in Millport. Im sure I saw Keithy with no Teethy when I was in the Chippy in Millport, and that Elvis bloke was serving behind the counter. Enjoyed the pics anyway.Have a great time in Sydney (or Rothesay)
Aunt Ina

Mum & Dad Ferrie said...

Hi Val Here
e-mailing from Pauls house, photos are terrific, this internet stuff is easy, I'm teaching John Frew how to use it, he's not too clever at it, I think its all the time he spends watching Emerdale.
Take Care

Mum & Dad Ferrie said...

Hi There
as you can see from above postings we had some visitors while we were babysitting Toby. They enjoyed seeing the Blog, even though Aunt Ina viewed them & dictated her comments sitting 4ft from Laptop.
Paul & Jill in New York, you and Pammy in Austalia, Dad & I in Motherwell, Whose writing this script!!!